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City Chic Photoshoot bymadisonaveofmelrose at Restaurant Dante

Katie Murphy

Dante de Magistris is the executive chef and co-owner of Restaurant dante in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Dante was kind enough to let us use his namesake restaurant for our first “off-campus” photo shoot. Located in the Royal Sonesta Hotel, Restaurant dante takes a modern approach to Italian cuisine.

Madison Ave’s favorite part about Restaurant dante is the outside patio. Katie says that the first time she went there this spring she just knew that we had to do a photoshoot there. The views of the Charles River and Boston's skyline are AMAZING . The patio is a fun place to go for after work drinks or to enjoy a meal that you won't forget.

We have never had a bad meal or service at dante. We just celebrated Caroline of Madison Ave's birthday there! Restaurant dante can host many different events outside of dinners including private events for any occasion. 

Boston's beloved star chef Dante de Magistris was not only kind enough to lend us his restaurant but he also took time to talk about our photoshoot. He thought the pictures were captivating and that Jen's (@discoveringearthlings) talent was really showcased. Stay tuned for our follow up shoot featuring his die for. 



Q & A with Dante


Q: Of all of your family’s restaurants what makes Restaurant dante different?

A: It was our first restaurant so we are very proud of it and the success it has brought us. It is also more on the open-ended Italian spectrum so we can pretty much do whatever we want when it comes to forming the menus and dishes. It’s a classic Italian restaurant with a twist when our other restaurants are more traditional.

Q: What can you say about the atmosphere/environment at Restaurant dante?

A: Restaurant dante's environment is fun casual, and relaxing and it happens to have a gorgeous view of the city. "On a nice night it can be both fun and relaxing"

Q: What is your favorite dish to make on the Dante menu?

A: We change the menu very often so it is hard to choose! Making pasta is one of my favorite things to do so I would say any pasta dish would be my favorite to make on the menu.

Q: What are your favorite choices on the menu to drink during the summer?

A: With our outdoor patio Restaurant dante has become an extremely popular place for people to meet up with friends and have drinks. One of my personal favorite drinks during the summer is aperol spritz.

Q: What advice can you give Katie as she enters into her first year of being a business owner?

A: Learn everyday...learn something new everyday and thats it. 

Q: Finally, as everyone knows Madison Ave has taken many trips to Restaurant when will Restaurant dante make a trip to Madison Ave?

A: HAHA on my next day off (guess we will never see him!) .We will bring the whole staff and come return the favor someday he jokes.

Q & A with Katie

Q: What led you to the decision to chose Restaurant dante as the location for Madison Ave’s photo shoot?

A: I wanted to get more pictures with a city background/ view. I had been to Restaurant dante a few times before mostly in the winter and then just recently discovered the outside patio and fell in love. I knew that we could do something amazing with Dante's patio bar and our summer inventory. 

Q: What inspired you to chose the theme for the shoot?

A: A lot of people think that our clothes are consigned and purchased all within Melrose. When in reality a majority of my consignors are located in Boston and live in the city. We are lucky enough to have over 3000 consignors and 5 boutique clients that choose to wok with us.

I wanted to show everyone that Madison Ave's look is nothing "small-town". We are suburban store with outfits and accessories that are City Chic. #wearusanywhere is one of the new hashtags we are focusing for our Madison Ave outfit posts. 

Q: What was your favorite look from the shoot?

A: Oh my god I can't pick one. This photoshoot captioned my vision from start to finish. I was amazed by the pictures, and how well the models did in the 90 degree sun. Almost all of the pictures have a little bit of Boston in the back, and our shots from the patio at restaurant Dante have a different perspective on the skyline that will be hard to recreate. 


Madison Ave’s favorite dishes and drinks at Restaurant dante:

Katie’s favorite dish: The Frittele, it is a Venetian style fried dough with four different dipping sauces

Aperol Spritz 

at Restaurant dante...I wonder if it was Katie's or Dante's ?!

Katie’s favorite drink: Aperol Spritz

Caroline’s favorite dish: The brussel sprouts without the pancetta

Caroline’s favorite drink: The Sangria

Kyra’s favorite dish: The Banga Cauda Shrimp with garlic, capers, and lemon

Kyra’s favorite drink: The chai tea

JaNiece’s favorite dish: Dante’s steak special with the smashed potatoes

JaNiece’s favorite drink: The espresso