By Madison Ave of Melrose

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Discovering our favorite earthling

Katie Murphy

WHO: Jen Matos

WHAT: Photographer

WHERE: Our official in-house photographer

WHY:  "Because we slay" - Jen when asked why she works with Madison Ave

Q & A with Jen

Q: How did you come to be a photographer?

A: I’ve always loved taking pictures, there is even a picture of my sister and I when we were younger of me styling, posing, and photographing her. But last summer I really became dedicated when I took my cousin’s senior portraits.

Q: Describe your relationship with Madison Ave.

A: My cousin, Natalia, works for Madison Ave and I am constantly photographing her and posting pictures of her on my personal Instagram. Katie noticed these photos and thought they were amazing so she asked Natalia if I would be willing to take some photos for the store and the Madison Ave Instagram. I willingly said yes and the rest is history…

Q: How would you describe your own fashion style?

A: On a day to day basis I am normally very casual and “boho”. I love a good tie dye shirt and ripped jeans. Katie interjects “But your pictures look like you shoot for Vogue.”

Q: Tell us about your personal “look” that you showcase on your photos on your Instagram.

A: I try to portray “moodiness” and emotions. When I photograph people I try and take them out of their comfort zone because I know a lot of people aren’t always comfortable behind the camera however, I believe that is what creates the best photos. I try to incorporate nature while taking portraits to give them a more natural feel.  



Q: What were some of your favorite looks that you captured during the shoot?

A: I loved Waverly in the Michael Kors denim dress with the Five Worlds chunky sandals and the chestnut Ferragamo handbag, probably because it was closest to my own personal style.

Q: How did you and Katie combine your visions to create the aesthetic for this photo shoot?

A: Well, Katie is a master stylist she really knows what looks good on what model and their personalities and that made it easier to capture the look “suburban city chic” that Katie was aiming for.



Jen's Top Five Favorite Photos that she has taken at and for Madison Ave